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Gary Edward Kiyan
Gary Edward Kiyan, Guitarist, Composer, Singer, Producer and Founder of Dragon Boy Music:

Music has always been close to Gary’s heart and fortunately his talents were recognized at an early age as he entered the education system, participating in vocal programs beginning in elementary school. As he progressed through to Junior high and high school playing an instrument became his primary focus, first starting out as a Trumpet player in the school band and later discovering the guitar. It was at this point that music gained a dominate position in the course of his life, the kind of consuming passion that everyone hopes to find in life.

Gary discovered the guitar at age sixteen and never looked back, having always felt a strong connection to the instrument, he understood from that point forward guitar playing would become part of his life. He has always taken the standpoint that whether he was playing for money or not, one is blessed to be creating music from ones soul.

For a number of years Gary was a sideman for a number of prominent regional and national performers as well as being a standout member of a couple of New York Cities more notable local acts. Particularly, Gary was a member of the Crow’s a mainstay in the NYC area, and house band at The Bitter End for over a five year run. In addition the band worked the Chicago are blues and rock circuit, and produced a number of popular original songs that met with a reasonable level of success in the independent recording arena. Many of these recordings along with Gary’s’ latest work are currently available for download here at the Dragon Boy Music site.

Gary worked writing music for actors from organizations such as the actors’ studio as backing music for stage performances of original works for both adult and children’s entertainment projects. In addition, he has emerged as a prolific composer for other performing musicians and as well as his own projects as a solo and band member. In addition, Gary did numerous performances and music workshops in the NYC schools systems children entertainment program. Versatility being a strong point for Gary, while being a strong electric lead guitarist, his skills as a finger style acoustic player is just as impressive. Gary studied with Jazz teacher and seven string guitarists Howard Morgan and Ragtime blues finger style legend Ian Buchannan (who also taught Jorma Kaukonen of the Jefferson Airplane), this had a strong influence on Gary’s unique composing and performing style. Many comparisons have been drawn between his style and such well known players as; Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Marc Knopfler, Keb Mo and Jorma Kaukonen to name a few. Gary love the fact that he can work seamlessly as a Electric and Acoustic solo performer.
Gary Edward Kiyan: Acoustic Guitarist, solo and duet performances, Gary is an accomplished finger style and slide guitarist and in addition to his work with his bands and as a sideman for various act, Gary often perform as a solo acoustic guitarist doing renditions of classic blues, folk, as well as other classic tunes and his own original songs which include a number of interesting instrumental composition. No matter whether he is performing as an opening act, main act or just providing atmospheric music for event, these show demonstrate the full range of Gary's playing, arranging and composing talents and are often frequented by other guitarist looking to expand their own range.


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