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Dee Ri

Performer, Teacher, Author and Publisher Hello, my name is Andrew Rykowski. For ease of memory, I use the stage name Dee Ri.

Having been an active participant of the drumming community since the first time I picked up a pair of Ludwig 2B's back in 1977 at the tender age of nine, I have always know that this instrument was my life's passion. I don't just play , I am a player.

Teaching is also an intrugal part of my big picture. I need to give back to this instrument that has given my life so much, and I intend to pay my debt in full.


Started through westbury public school system at Drexel Avenue School and Dryden Street Schools, under Douglas DeSalvo and Dennis DiRienzo.

Continued study through Westbury public school system at Westbury high school under Eugene Neal. Also studied at the F.Arden Burt School of Music under John Van Gasteren.

1983 - 1986
completed study through Westbury public school system at Westbury high school under Dr.Leon Dodson. 1983 was also the year I started my intensive study with the late Al Miller. In 1986, I declined an invitation to study at SUNNY Old Westbury after attending classes there and realizing that for me to truly specialize in drumming and drumming education, my time was best spent continuing my studies with Mr. Miller.

1983 - 1999
Studied with world-renowned drum and percussion educator Al Miller. Study with him ranged throughout the musical spectrum and concluded with him educating me on the art of teaching.

Attended massive numbers of clinics to enhance my musical perspective. Artists of note include: Carmine Appice, Kenny Arnoff, Frank Bellucci, Greg Bissonette, Terry Bozzio, Danny Carey, Deen Castronova, Dennis Chambers, Jim Chapin, Les DeMerie, Dom Famularo, Joe Franco, Steve Gad, Harvey Mason, Marco Minnemann, Rod Morgenstein, Cari Palmer Steven Perkins, Kohnny Rabb, Michael Shrieve, Chad Smith, Steve Smith, Chad Wackerman, Dave Weckl, Zorro...and countless others.

Took additional lessons over the years on various drumming subject with noteworthy teachers including Dom Famularo, Matt Miller and Richie Rodriguez.

Accomplishments and Authorships
A+ Ratings on Level 6 NYSSMA pieces during conventional school tenure.
Earned the Boy Scouts of America Rank of Eagle Scout at the age of 12 (average age is 18). Went on to earn palm.
Performed in Nassau Music Educators Association (NMEA) All country Jazz and Concert Bands 1983-1985
Winner F.Arden Burt award for musical accomplishment 1984
Established Drumatic Percussion Products 1990 Finalist Royal Rock Drum Rumble- Sponsored by The Long Island Drum Center 1992
Winner Al Miller Award for Musical Achievement 1998
Author High Performance Paradiddles- Copyright 2000
Author Frankendrummer- Copyright 2001
Author of many soon to be published recital pieces for students performing in the Long Island Drum School's Rhythm Night recital program 1998-2004. officially opened "The Dee Ri Institute of Drums and Percussion" September 2004
Author Son Of Franken drummer- release scheduled for Spring 2007 (copyright 2007)
Author of All Together Now..- release scheduled for Spring 2007 (copyright 2007)

Teaching Experience
Taught Independently in private home sessions with my students: 1989-1997
Taught through the Long Island Drum School-Plainview, N.Y: 1997-2004
Currently teaching at the Dee Ri Institute of Drums and Percussion.

Memberships and Affiliations
Member National Eagle Scout Association
Member Order of the Arrow-Unami Lodge #1
Member MENC- The National Organization for Music Education
Member New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA)
Member Vic Firth Education Team-Private Teacher Member

Professional Band and Performance Credits
Club Date Shows with the band The Berserkers: 1988-1989
Recorded Album with the band 3 1989-1990 unreleased
Club Date Shows with Glorious Gloria Parker (of Broadway Danny Rose fame) Motown Review Shows with The Kip Carmen Group: 1991-1992
Club Date Shows and Weddings with The Al Miller Big Band 1992 Club Date Shows with the band The Troublemakers 1991-1996
Recorded Album with the band The Troublemakers 1996 unreleased Club Dates with Confrontation 2005-Present
Recorded Albums with Liquid Picasso 2006-2007
House Drummer At First Wave Digital Recording Studio 2008
Recorded Album With the Brett Bauchner- "Lullabye For Two" - 2008

Future Goals
To continue to perform and expand my musical palette.
To contribute to share my knowledge with enthusiastic students.


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